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The Risks of the Impacting ‘Tunnel Effect’ on the Roads

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Safe Driving: Avoiding Road Hazards

When driving, it is crucial to be foresight and be alert. The dangers on the roads are diverse and can arise from factors such as weather, vehicle breakdowns and, in this case, the tunnel effect. This phenomenon can affect the peripheral vision of drivers and the consequences can be serious.

The Impact of the Tunnel Effect on Road Safety

The tunnel effect occurs when a driver drives at high speed, reducing their field of peripheral vision and concentrating solely on what is in front of them. This visual limitation can reduce the ability to react to unforeseen events and increase the risk of accidents. Studies have shown that as vehicle speed increases, peripheral vision is drastically reduced, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Consequences and Alarming Statistics

The consequences of the tunnel effect are worrying. Affected drivers may fail to perceive changes in the environment, such as traffic signs, other vehicle movements, or adverse weather conditions, increasing the likelihood of collisions and other incidents. According to a recent report, the tunnel effect is a contributing factor in a significant number of accidents on motorways and high-speed roads, being responsible for 15% of serious accidents by 2023.

Prevention and Education: Reducing Risks on the Roads

To mitigate the risks associated with the tunnel effect, it is essential to educate drivers about this phenomenon and its consequences. The General Directorate of Traffic has launched information campaigns and training programs, highlighting the importance of maintaining appropriate speeds and being aware of the limitations of peripheral vision. In addition, technological advances such as driver assistance systems can provide an additional layer of safety, alerting drivers to potential hazards that may escape their reduced vision.

Conclusion: Safe Driving and Awareness of Invisible Risks

The tunnel effect reminds us that safe driving depends not only on the driver’s skills, but also on the understanding of invisible risks. With proper education and the use of advanced technologies, it is possible to significantly reduce the dangers associated with this phenomenon and ensure safer roads for everyone. In short, more speed not only means arriving earlier, but also seeing less.

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