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6 holistic treatments to enjoy on your vacation

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Recover your well-being and relax during your vacation

Does it still seem impossible to enjoy a vacation? Do you feel tiredness reflected in your face and body? Is your mind about to collapse? It’s time to give yourself a break and arrive on your vacation on the beach, in the countryside or in the mountains completely renewed, both inside and out.

The period before the holidays is often a challenge for our body and mind. At this time of year we accumulate a lot of fatigue and well-being seems unattainable. Holistic treatments are presented as a solution to relieve stress, release tension, recharge positive energies and take care of our body consciously. These treatments not only focus on improving our appearance, but address well-being holistically, promoting deep relaxation and strengthening the connection between mind and body. More and more places consider that beauty begins with well-being, offering comprehensive protocols in which professionals, cosmetic products, massages, aromas and music combine to create an environment conducive to renewing yourself from head to toe. These six treatments will help you find your lost well-being and are an example of what expert hands can do to make you look and feel better. Are you ready to start the summer with renewed energy?

Energy for your hair, relaxation for your mind

The Le Grand Soin Cheveux Régénérant Restructuring Hair Rituel treatment by Maison Sisley is a hair protocol that is performed on a massage bed and is focused on improving the scalp and hair fiber. For 90 minutes, you can enjoy relaxation and personalized care through a sequence of shiatsu-inspired massages, hot towel wraps and steam baths. These manual techniques stimulate energy flows, providing well-being to your neck, shoulders and back. In addition, the products used have a distinctive aroma. This treatment will leave your scalp healthier and your hair stronger, shiny and softer, ready to enjoy your vacation.

A personalized facial treatment

Sulyfth, the manual lifting effect therapy created by Yvette Pons, has been awarded as the best cabin treatment. This one and a half hour protocol works on the comprehensive renewal of the face, addressing the signs of aging and improving the bone, muscle, circulatory, lymphatic and energy structure. In addition, it relieves visual fatigue and promotes relaxation. The key to this treatment is to work on the epicranium, the most superficial layer of fascia that covers the skull and has a highly vascularized structure.

Vitamins for body and mind

Blauceldona’s Royal Citrus body treatment is a powerful antioxidant ritual based on citrus active ingredients and high doses of vitamin C. This 90-minute treatment consists of four phases: exfoliation, body mask, massage and hydrating mist. It is ideal for strengthening the skin’s defenses, minimizing damage caused by UV radiation, renewing the skin and prolonging the tan after sun exposure. The result is smoother, hydrated, firmer and more luminous skin. In addition, during the treatment, hot towels are used and a massage with vitamin C infusion is performed to relax the muscles and activate tissue microcirculation.

A massage that transforms body and mind

Martine de Richeville Remodelage is a body treatment that has been tried by many celebrities. Designed by the famous Parisian beautician, this protocol goes beyond a simple remodeling treatment. Through massages and precise movements, this treatment is capable of unblocking and eliminating accumulations of fat and tension, draining, balancing the body, improving circulation and skin tissues, while releasing emotional blockages, providing vital energy, positivity and a greater connection with oneself. It is not necessary to go to Paris to try it, since you can book an appointment in Tacha (Madrid or Marbella) and experience it with therapists specifically trained by Martine.

Well-being begins at the feet

Foot reflexology is an ancient therapy that addresses physical and physiological aspects and also interacts with the person’s energy, emotional and mental field. Its effects include detoxifying the body, regulating the immune system and relieving stress. After a first contact to learn about the person’s lifestyle and a detailed observation of the feet to identify possible blockages, the massage proceeds. During the massage, almond, olive or sesame base oils are used, which can be enriched with essential oils according to the needs of each person. Music, a relaxing aroma and the right temperature are perfect allies to obtain the best results and leave the session floating.

Total disconnection in the water

Watsu is a holistic therapy that combines the benefits of shiatsu with the therapeutic effects of water. At Sha Wellness Clinic, this therapy is performed in an enclosed, private pool, where all elements, from lighting to water temperature, are designed to offer extreme relaxation and restore balance between body and mind. Muscle and joint stretching, gentle movements and acupressure combined with the feeling of weightlessness when floating in water provide multiple benefits, such as relieving muscle tension and general pain, decompressing the spine, reducing anxiety, managing stress, improve sleep quality and promote digestion. The sessions are personalized and intuitive, no two are the same. If you want to experience this unique experience, you can book an appointment at Sha Wellness Clinic.


These six holistic treatments offer you the opportunity to enjoy a renewing and revitalizing vacation. From the care of your hair to the well-being of your body and mind, each treatment is designed to give you a unique experience and improve your overall well-being. Don’t wait any longer and book your appointment to try one of these treatments. Start your vacation with renewed energy!

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