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A healthy alternative for breakfast


The importance of breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most relevant meals of the day, given us energy and nutrients needed to deal with the day. However, we often don’t give it the importance that requires and we opt for convenient, simple and healthy options.

A nutrient option

The nutricionists recommend food, fresh and diverse foods, carrying fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and anti rustants, among these foods there is an unexpected option, with numerous benefits for health and body balance.

The doctors’ surprise.

The doctors highlight the importance of included a rich food in nutrients in breakfast, a lot of food that we used to choose not just for breakfast, but they can affect our health in the long, which is why they suggest unusual food: the lentils.

Unlike the common conception, the lentils are a very nutritious and oppressive reading, which can be consumed in various ways. They could constitute a perfect breakfast if they are prepared as hummus to an integral path or with raw vegetable.

Nutrients claus

The lentils contain essential vegetable proteins for the right functioning of our body. These proteins have a baging effect that helps control appetite and avoid picotos between hours.

Besides, it’s a remarkable source of iron and pholic acid, two essential nutrients for the formation of red blood cells and oxygen transport through blood. These substances are especially important to pregnant women, as they help prevent neural tube artifacts and pipes in factus.

To improve the astronomical iron of the vegetable, it is recommended to combine the lentils with rich food in vitamin C, such as lemon or pebrot.


As you can observe, the lentils represent a full food and healthy food, which can be integrated in breakfast to start the day with vitality and energy. Don’t let you influence for prejudices or myths, and give it a chance to such a delightful and delicious lecture. Your health will appreciate it.

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