Inici » A Reflection on the Church’s Relationship with Society: Interview with Josep Ruaix Vinyet

A Reflection on the Church’s Relationship with Society: Interview with Josep Ruaix Vinyet

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The 25 Years of Career of the Rector of Calders, Josep Ruaix Vinyet

As an ecclesiastical institution, the Church has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent decades. In an exclusive interview with Josep Ruaix Vinyet, priest, grammarian and writer, we will explore his 25 uninterrupted years as rector of Calders.

A Trajectory Dedicated to Religious and Cultural Service

Born in Moià in 1940, Josep Ruaix Vinyet began his ecclesiastical career in 1954. With a degree in humanities and classical philology, he has been an indestructible figure in the life of Calders, leading the parishes of Sant Vicenç and Sant Pere de Viladecavalls .

The Best and the Worst of the Rectorate

When asked about the best aspect of his 25 years as rector in Calders, Ruaix Vinyet highlights the effective collaboration of his collaborators and the good relations with the town. As for the worst, he laments the decline in religiosity, attributing it to the perception that religion does not agree with science.

Challenges and Solutions: An In-depth Analysis

Science and Religion: A Critical Analysis of Religious Disenchantment

Ruaix Vinyet analyzes the causes of religious decline, highlighting the perception that religion does not adapt to scientific advances. He calls for greater harmony between science and religion and urges the Church to adapt to scientific discoveries.

Historical Abuse and Humility: The Road to Redemption

With impressive frankness, the rector acknowledges the historical abuses of the Church and pleads for humility and recognition of mistakes. He highlights the duality of the Church as a holy and sinful entity and urges society to understand this duality.

Facing the Hedonistic Mindset: Challenges and Perspectives

Ruaix Vinyet describes how the hedonistic mentality impacts religious practice. He suggests that the Church should be realistic, avoiding excessive impositions, and highlights the importance of differentiating happiness from mere pleasure.

A Look Towards the Future: Catalan, Religion and the Uninterrupted Work

Preserving Catalan: Work and Hope

As a philologist, Ruaix Vinyet reflects on the future of Catalan. Despite the challenges of globalization and immigration, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining work and hope. He insists on the integration of the new citizens and on giving prestige to Catalan as a positive instrument.

An Immovable Leader in a Changed World

In this section, Ruaix Vinyet shares the current discipline of the Church, which considers pastors immovable. It underlines the importance of living with the community for many years, allowing a better understanding of the environment.

Anecdotes of a Life Devoted to Service

In a touch of humor, Ruaix Vinyet shares an anecdote about a burial with an unusual request. It illustrates how he adapted the ceremony to be respectful of the beliefs of those present, demonstrating the flexibility of the Church in the face of diverse needs.

Conclusion: A Continuous Path of Service and Commitment

The interview concludes with a reflection on Ruaix Vinyet’s continued work at Calders. As rector, he has gone beyond the walls of the church, contributing to cultural heritage, community integration and the maintenance of Catalan.

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