Inici » Ayuso at full speed: the gasoline enigma that no one knows who will pay for it

Ayuso at full speed: the gasoline enigma that no one knows who will pay for it

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Formula 1 in Madrid: A television impulse that ignites passions

In the televised account, the stage heats up with the car’s engine, leaving behind the sterile wail of ‘Madrid is stealing Formula 1!’ that echoed in Està passant (TV-3). With a more humorous tone, he joked about the incessant taking of assets, from companies to music festivals, even reaching characters like Jordi González.

Remembering the unfortunate Formula 1 that drove Francisco Camps in Valencia between 2008 and 2012, with a hole of 230 million that the Valencians paid for, there was a certain disquiet, wondering if Madrid would follow this ruinous path.

The Satire of El Intermedio and Veiled Warnings

The world of satire was not far behind. The program El Intermedio (La Sexta) parodied Isabel Díaz Ayuso in a racing car on a circuit that did not yet exist. Sandra Sabatés, looking back, exposed the waste of Valencia, with an abandoned circuit turned into a field of shacks and an illegal garbage dump. Perhaps, in this satire, there was a subtle warning about the future of Formula 1 in Madrid.

The PP’s History of Waste in Public Works

Analyzing the past, the PP, as manager of public works and sports initiatives, has accumulated a history of waste. Erik Harley, a contributor to El Intermedio, exposed useless pharaonic projects paid for with public money, from airports without planes to Esperanza Aguirre’s City of Justice, a wasteland that has cost 355 million.

Who will pay for Formula 1 in Madrid?

With the news of the choice of Madrid for Formula 1, the figures become protagonists. According to an exclusive from TV-3, Madrid will have to pay 48 million a year to the organization of F-1, exceeding the 26 million annually that Catalonia allocates to Montmeló. This data raises a reflection on the supposed ‘zero cost’ of Formula 1 and could be visually analyzed by the public to discern whether it is an expense or an investment.

In short, the riddle of who will bear the cost of the gasoline that fuels Ayuso at full speed remains unanswered. Formula 1 in Madrid promises to be a battle of numbers and a televised event with financial uncertainties.

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