Inici » CC’s Alarming Ignorance about the Return to Puerto Naos and La Bombilla

CC’s Alarming Ignorance about the Return to Puerto Naos and La Bombilla

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Concern of the Popular Group for the lack of knowledge of CC

The Popular Group in the Cabildo, through Councilor Carlos Cabrera, has highlighted that “it is alarming that CC does not know how many families have been able to return to Puerto Naos and those who live in La Bombilla”.

The statements, as detailed in a press release from the PP, “arise after the island’s president, Sergio Rodríguez, was asked about this matter in the past, “and he did not know how to offer a clear answer. An attitude that only it offers a sense of political irresponsibility,” says Cabrera.

Cabrera’s Ràtzia on the Management of the Government Group

Cabrera defends that “the most reasonable thing is for the Government Group to be concerned with knowing the number of people who reside temporarily or permanently in Puerto Naos and La Bombilla. Not to assess the success or failure of the measures taken, but to to know at all times how this supposed return to normality is progressing in the appropriate areas. In addition, to be fundamental when making future decisions.”

The PP councilor also emphasizes that “we still do not know the action protocols in the event of an emergency, both for those who reside regularly, temporarily or who go to the beach spaces already enabled. We hope that all of them have what so far, despite having requested it, we do not know”.

The Lack of Transparency on Crucial Data

In addition, the note adds, “it is curious that this data of special significance has not been made public in the days following the plenary session, continuing to refer only to partial openings and the number of affected families that have benefited from this measure, and ignoring how many have made their residence effective in the affected areas”.

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