Inici » Challenge to the Unit: The Internal Pressures that Review the Borràs-Turull Directorate

Challenge to the Unit: The Internal Pressures that Review the Borràs-Turull Directorate

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A Review of Persistent Tensions Together

The intricate plot of internal tensions in Junts, since Laura Borràs and Jordi Turull took over the reins of the party, emerges again with the Casol case as the epicenter. Although the abandonment of the presidency by Carles Puigdemont seemed to calm the waters, internal confrontations persist, with episodes such as that of Cristina Casol and Aurora Madaula.

Casol and Madaula: Recent Examples of Tensions

The situation of Cristina Casol, subjected to the criticism of her party colleagues after the Parliament dismissed her accusations of harassment, and the pending investigation into the allegations of “silent violence” by Aurora Madaula, are two recent examples that they expose the fragility of internal unity.

Challenges to the Borràs-Turull Directorate

The management of Borràs and its loss of political weight, together with Turull’s decisions that have generated discontent, raise questions about the management’s ability to make crucial decisions. The growing tensions between the sectors close to Borràs and those related to Turull accentuate this instability.

Reluctance to expel Casol

The resistance to expel Casol, despite the demands of many deputies, reflects the complexity of the situation. Speculations about the internal division and the difficulty of expelling a deputy close to Borràs highlight the delicate position of the management.

Complaints and Internal Ignorance

Allegations of workplace harassment, like Madaula’s, are met with distrust by several party members. Despite the demand for explanations, the lack of substantial elements in the allegations has led Parliament to rule out the existence of harassment.

Silent War: The Madaula Case

The absence of a resolution in the Madaula case, with the second secretary of the resignation table, evidences the silent war within the party. His support for a public act and Casol’s reaction via social media highlight the internal divisions that persist.

An Uncertain Future

With the unknown of the Casol case, the question about the future unity of the Borràs-Turull tandem remains unanswered. The imminently urgent decisions will depend on the outcome of this situation, with the future of the party hanging in the balance.

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