Inici » Chaos in Madrid: Car Show a la Castellana

Chaos in Madrid: Car Show a la Castellana

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Yellow Ferrari Unleashes Chaos in the Heart of Madrid

An unfortunate event turned the tranquility of Madrid into a terrifying car show. A luxury sports car, with an astronomical price of 400,000 euros, was involved in a spectacular crash in La Castellana.

The accident took place at number 89 of Passeig de la Castellana, between the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and Nuevos Ministerios, creating chaos in the heart of the city.

Disastrous Consequences and Research Underway

According to the authorities of the Municipal Police, the driver of the yellow Ferrari was subjected to a breathalyzer test which gave a positive result. This incident has placed him under the scrutiny of law enforcement, as he now faces an investigation for an alleged offense against road safety.

The incident took place around three in the morning, and as a result, the passenger of the car was involved and was treated by the Samur emergency service.

Road Chaos and Large-Scale Rescue

The luxury car was completely destroyed at the front, forcing the closure of three lanes in La Castellana to facilitate attention to the victims and remove the damaged vehicle.

Reactions on Social Networks

The humor was not long in coming on social media, with netizens commenting on the event in a funny way. One user quipped that the Formula 1 Grand Prix has already arrived in Madrid. Safety Car on track’, adding a touch of irony to the situation.

Road chaos and irony on social networks have marked this unusual night in the Spanish capital.

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