Inici » Extension of the R8 Line to Sant Celoni: The Demand of CCOO

Extension of the R8 Line to Sant Celoni: The Demand of CCOO

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CCOO Vallès Oriental- Maresme and Osona promotes a motion

The CCOO union, in collaboration with several municipalities in Vallès Oriental, proposes a motion to extend Line R8 to Sant Celoni, abandoning the current starting point in Granollers.

They ensure that the Sant Celoni station has the necessary capacity to become the new head office, as it is currently the departure point for trains on Line R2.

Increased Frequencies and Improved Connectivity

At the same time, CCOO raises the need to expand the frequencies of the line. They remember the announcement by the Government of the Generalitat, which, despite having promised to double the frequency in June 2022, has not been executed due to lack of budget.

The R8, inaugurated in 2011, currently connects Granollers with Martorell. Initially, the objective was to connect Mataró with Vilanova and Geltrú without going through Barcelona, ​​a line that CCOO considers half-forgotten by the administration.

CCOO highlights the essential role of the R8 as the backbone and main rail mobility corridor in Vallès.

Benefits for Students and Municipalities

The R8 is crucial for students traveling to the Universitat Autònoma de Bellaterra from towns that are currently experiencing difficulties, not only due to the lack of direct service, but also due to inadequate frequencies.

The extension of frequencies would also benefit towns such as Granollers, Montmeló and Mollet, improving connectivity with other regions.

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