Inici » Freedom and Tradition: The Debate on the Running of the Bulls in the Balearic Islands

Freedom and Tradition: The Debate on the Running of the Bulls in the Balearic Islands

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The Posture of Marga Prohens

In a recent interview with the Cadena SER Mallorca, the President of the Government, Marga Prohens, expressed her opinion on the running of the bulls in the Balearic Islands. Although he personally does not like them, Prohens defends the freedom of parents to decide whether they want to take their children to these traditional bullfighting parties.

“The most important thing for me is individual freedom, and I believe in the ability of parents to know what their children might like. I am not the one to tell how to educate anyone, and the bulls, despite not being to my taste , are a tradition with many years of history in Spain”, added the president.

This statement comes after the PP announced its support for an amendment by VOX, related to the attendance of minors at the bullfights in the Balearic Islands.

The Position Regarding Other Topics

In addition to the debate on the running of the bulls, Prohens has also addressed other topical issues in the Balearic Islands. He spoke about the implementation of linguistic segregation in schools, the price of housing and the impact of tourism on the economy of the Islands.

With regard to linguistic segregation, Prohens has reiterated that there will be no change in the classrooms from the next school year. However, he has not provided concrete details on how the ‘free choice of language’ pilot plan, agreed with the far-right, will be carried out.

In short, the president defends individual freedom in the case of bullfighting, while maintaining her stance on the non-existence of linguistic segregation in Balearic schools.

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