Inici » García-Castellón, a controversial judge in the judicial system

García-Castellón, a controversial judge in the judicial system

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A judge with a controversial attitude

Manuel García-Castellón, judge of the National Court, has generated controversy with his judicial actions. From his office, he has been the subject of criticism for his alleged intention to torpedo the amnesty law. His actions, such as investigating Carles Puigdemont during political negotiations and accepting as an accusation injured agents in Urquinaona, have generated controversy and called into question his impartiality

Silence and lack of response

Another issue that draws attention is the silence that surrounds García-Castellón’s performances. Both the Council of the Judiciary and the judicial associations have remained silent in the face of their excesses. In addition, the media and the Spanish executive have also avoided entering into a confrontation with the judge. This lack of response has generated criticism and called into question the independence of the judicial system

A case that lasts too long

The Tsunami case, which has been investigated for more than four years, has generated surprise due to its long process. The investigations have been considered unnecessarily long and their justification has been called into question. In addition, the lack of presence of Carles Puigdemont in the proceedings and European orders has raised suspicions about the intentions of the judge. All this has contributed to keeping the judicial persecution alive and has generated criticism about its alleged link with acts of terrorism

An attitude that generates controversy

García-Castellón’s attitude has been considered provocative and without a solid legal basis. His actions have been described as lawfare and have generated criticism from several political figures. Despite this, the judge has maintained his position and continued with his controversial actions


In summary, Manuel García-Castellón is a controversial judge who has generated controversy with his judicial actions. His actions have been questioned for his alleged intention to torpedo the amnesty law and for his lack of response to criticism. In addition, the long process of the Tsunami case has raised suspicions about his impartiality and has kept alive the judicial persecution. All this has contributed to generating controversy and calling into question his performance as a judge [[1]]( -incomodi_1_4544047.html)

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