Inici » Josep Ramon Gómez Besteiro: Commitment to public health and the future of Galicia

Josep Ramon Gómez Besteiro: Commitment to public health and the future of Galicia

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A clear vision for the health and economy of Galicia

Galiciapress has interviewed the candidate for the Xunta of the PSdeG, Josep Ramon Gómez Besteiro, where he highlights the importance of prioritizing public health in the face of the current health crisis and proposes a left-wing government as the key to the future of Galicia. In defense of social values, Besteiro proposes a model that will attract investments and generate progress for the country.

Political strategies and post-electoral pacts

During a meeting between those responsible for the campaigns about the debates, participation in them was discussed. The Popular Party insists on its preferences, while questions arise about a concerted strategy to show the division between left and right.

The role of polls and electoral forecasts

Besteiro reflects on electoral forecasts and the impact of past polls, highlighting the importance of social mobilization and trust in change. It also exposes the ideological proposal of the PSdeG as an important aspect to attract the socialist vote.

Pact policy and political priorities

Besteiro addresses the possibility of post-electoral pacts and his clear vision in assuming responsibilities for the future of Galicia. Likewise, he explains his position regarding possible alliances and the importance of consistency with the values ​​of the Galician left.

The commitment to the health system and the need for investments

Besteiro denounces the lack of investment in the health system and emphasizes the importance of reactivating budgets to improve public health. In addition, it proposes concrete solutions to address the existing problems in the health system in Galicia.

Personal perspective and political commitment

Besteiro answers personal questions, reaffirming his exclusive commitment to Galicia and his confidence in change. It highlights the opportunity to lead a government with social values ​​and the potential for a positive transition for the country.

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