Inici » Les Voltes del Món: Reflections on Barcelona and Politics

Les Voltes del Món: Reflections on Barcelona and Politics

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A Look at Barcelona’s Past

Do you miss the past Barcelona? It is not a question of return, but of review. Memories are nice, but the present drives the future.

Today’s Barcelona is interwoven with a dazzling diversity, despite its past limitations.

The Olympic Games and their Shadow

The Olympic Games, despite their greatness, have generated a duality: positioning Barcelona in the world and expelling part of its local essence.

The perception of a lie is the result of the loss of essence, a transition between past longing and present reality.

The Transition and Current Politics

Times of transition reflect a political will that, despite the adversities, seems purer in retrospect.

Politics, a field that used to breathe idealism, is now being given over to more economic interests. An inevitable evolution or a regression?

Expectations and Independence

The longing for independence, a burning issue that divides and encourages deep reflection. Independence, a horizon that some will never see.

The price of independence, a balance between ideals and realities, where the collateral victims emerge as a constant reminder.

The Future After the Fifties

Mature age brings awareness and also uncertainties. How to live the next few years is a question present in the minds of many.

Reflection on one’s own existence, a task that invites us to value the present and embrace the future.

Nationalism and Its Use

The Catalonia we imagined, an illusion truncated by political and economic realities.

The truth emerges like a bending sword, reminding us of the fragility of our dreams and the harshness of reality.

The Price of Truth

The confrontation with reality, an experience that reveals the inexorable truth and unmasks the deceptions.

The responsibility to maintain integrity in the midst of temptation, a complex task in a world of thrillers and opportunists.

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