Inici » Luxmetique: beauty that is consumed

Luxmetique: beauty that is consumed

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Interview with Tamara Falcó about the advanced nutricosmetic brand

Tamara Falcó is a recognized and common figure in the world of beauty. In an exclusive interview, we sat down with her to talk about Luxmetique, an advanced nutricosmetics brand that has transformed her skin and her life.

Tamara, daughter of Carlos Falcó and Isabel Preysler, is known for her enviable skin and youthful appearance. She attributes her radiant appearance to consistent skin care and incorporating Luxmetique products into her daily routine.

Proage Formula: the secret to rejuvenated skin

One of Luxmetique’s star products is Proage Formula, a nutricosmetic that has been awarded the Beauty Award for Best Anti-Aging Nutricosmetic of the Year. Tamara tells us that this product has been magical for her skin, as it has proven its effectiveness from the first 14 days of use.

Proage Formula works by increasing collagen levels and providing antioxidants for rejuvenated, vital and protected skin all day long. Tamara highlights that this product is not only effective, but also tastes delicious.

Hyagold Night Formula: repair and rest for the skin

In addition to Proage Formula, Tamara also uses Hyagold Night Formula as part of her nighttime routine. This formula based on hyaluronic acid and other relaxing active ingredients helps repair and plump the skin while it rests. Tamara highlights that this formula is also key to improving her joints.

Live Up: emotional balance and well-being

Tamara reveals that another essential Luxmetique product in her life is Live Up. This product is designed to improve mood and balance emotions. It is especially useful during periods of stress or after exercise, as it helps reduce fatigue and control anxiety.

Luxmetique: quality and trust

Luxmetique has become a trusted brand in the world of nutricosmetics. Tamara highlights that the quality of the products is supported by experts in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and pharmacy. In addition, Luxmetique is a certified laboratory that meets the highest quality standards.

Luxmetique products are available on its website, in aesthetic medical centers, pharmacies and parapharmacies in El Corte Inglés, where professional advice is offered to guarantee an optimal experience.

In short, Luxmetique is an advanced nutricosmetics brand that has conquered Tamara Falcó and many others. Their products, such as Proage Formula, Hyagold Night Formula and Live Up, offer effective solutions for skin care, emotional well-being and overall balance. Discover the beauty that is consumed with Luxmetique.

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