Inici » Mazoni: “I recover the sensations of the beginnings without the pressure of making a new album”

Mazoni: “I recover the sensations of the beginnings without the pressure of making a new album”

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The Bisbal musician will perform two special concerts before taking an indefinite break in his career

Mazoni has decided to take a step back and take some time to breathe and renew himself. The Bisbalan singer-songwriter, who has been on stage for twenty years, has announced that he will take a temporary break in his musical career, but not without first offering two unique and emotional concerts. The first will be tomorrow at the Girona Auditorium, as part of the Neu! festival, and the second on February 24 at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. Afterwards, he will step away from the public light to recover his enthusiasm and creativity.

“When I communicated that I needed a break, I felt a release. I relaxed and started writing new things, without the pressure of having to make an album soon, I get back the sensations of the beginnings”, explains Mazoni. His artistic name is Jaume Pla, and he assures that his decision responds exclusively to professional reasons. “I haven’t found the strength to face a new project, and that, added to the fact that a concert last year didn’t motivate me, made me aware, because I’ve always given my best, both to records as in live performances”, he says.

A frantic pace

Mazoni attributes his fatigue to the frenetic pace he has kept for two decades, during which he has released ten albums and toured extensively. “There are 111 Mazoni songs and many concerts, in a small country where you end up repeating the same places”, says the musician from La Bisbal, who also admits that at first there was some confusion about his announcement. “There were people who thought I was leaving music forever or that something personal had happened to me, but now it’s clear that I’m just leaving to get some air and fill myself up again,” he explains.

He still doesn’t know what he will do after February 25, when his second farewell concert ends. “My idea was to do something outside of music, but since I announced my temporary break I’ve written more songs. Separating music from professional activity has made me recover my curiosity”, he reveals. “Now the most important thing is to do what I like, whether it’s making music or not. At some point there will be new material and it will be time to give it a new shape”, he adds.

Two special concerts

Before taking this break, however, Mazoni wants to say goodbye to his audience with two special concerts, which will be different from the ones he has done so far. The first will be tomorrow at the Girona Auditorium, where he hasn’t performed since 2011, and the second on February 24 at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. The two recitals are part of the tour celebrating his twenty years of career, and will feature the collaboration of the musicians Natán Arbó and Adrià Bravo, who have accompanied him in his last live shows.

Mazoni is surprised and grateful for the good reception his farewell concerts have had, which have caused him to change from the small room to the large room of the Girona Auditorium. “It’s been a surprise and a joy, because you feel supported and motivated to come back,” he says. His fans will be able to enjoy a “slightly longer than normal” repertoire, with songs from his entire career, from the best known to the most personal.

Snow! Pro, a gathering for music professionals

In addition to Mazoni’s concert, the Neu! tomorrow also organizes the second edition of the Snow! Pro, a meeting for music professionals that will take place at the La Mercè Cultural Center. The event includes presentations, masterclasses, debates and live podcasts, with the intention of bringing the music industry and creators together. Inspiration, training and networking are the axes of the program, which stands out for the interventions of producers Florenci Ferrer ‘Fluren’ and Santos Berrocal (Love of Lesbian, Viva Suecia and Sidonie) on music production, with the collaboration of the EUMES Music Production School; or those of the artist and technologist Cris Checa, the lawyer Eva Faustino and the head of the Legal Services department of the SGAE in Catalonia, Mercè Vallverdú, who will talk about copyright in the digital age, with the col· collaboration of the SGAE Foundation. The festival has also convened several promoters and managers who will discuss the cachet of the artist and give their points of view on such controversial issues as exorbitant cachets or ignored minimums, as well as the hiring of international artists.

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