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Politics and Incoherence: A Critical Analysis

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Demagoguery and Incoherence in the Political World

A worrying aspect in current politics is the presence of demagoguery and incoherence. These characteristics seem to be rooted in the attitude of some politicians.

What may be acceptable during election campaigns becomes impossible when he sits in government. There are politicians who have no problem changing their position depending on the wind. Just look in the historical archive to confirm this.

The Public Residence for the Elderly in Manresa: An Obligatory Crisis

Currently, the situation of the public residence for the elderly in Manresa is critical. This situation has been turning into an unsustainable and painful problem.

During the last election campaigns, everyone considered the construction of this equipment as a priority. However, now that the elections have been won, the reality is different.

The Motion Presented by the Municipal Group ‘Fem Manresa’

On January 18, the Platform in Defense of Public Pensions and the Rights of the Elderly, through the municipal group Fem Manresa, presented a motion to the Municipal Plenum.

The motion proposed the signing of an agreement with the Government of the Generalitat to enable the construction of the residence. It was also proposed to establish the commitment to finance public squares by the Generalitat, as the competent administration.

The Debate at the Municipal Plenum

After the debate, 14 votes were registered against the motion (ERC, PSC, Impulsem Manresa and Vox) and 10 votes in favor (Junts per Manresa, Fem Manresa and FNC).

When I reflect on the political transformation of some politicians, I remember a biblical quote from Genesis that talks about ‘selling yourself for a plate of lentils.’ In the municipal market, this dish of lentils is priced at 4,365.48 euros per month net for fourteen payments.

Politics can lead to absurd and strange situations. Arousal and the pleasure it causes can disrupt the hormones of consistency and integrity.

Conclusions and Call to Action

Finally, the appeal to citizens is clear: retirees will continue to fight against the wind and the tide in our vindictive journey.

Despite the fact that the atmospheric phenomena of politics are adverse to us, we will not fail!

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