Inici » Protest in Palma against “genocide” and in support of Palestine

Protest in Palma against “genocide” and in support of Palestine

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Thousands of people demonstrate to demand an end to Israel’s attack on Gaza and the recognition of the Palestinians’ right to freedom

Mass protest. Thousands of people took to the streets this Saturday in Palma to show their solidarity with Palestine and to demand an end to Israel’s military aggression in the Gaza Strip. The demonstrators have also demanded that the Spanish Government cease the sale of arms to the Jewish State.

The march, organized by Citizens for Palestine and Mallorca for Palestine, began at 6:00 p.m. in Plaça del Tub de Palma and went through the main streets of the city until reaching the headquarters of the Delegation of the Spanish Government, where ‘he read a manifesto.

A large Palestinian flag leads the march

A large Palestinian flag has headed the route of the march. Several banners with the slogans ‘Stop Genocide’ and ‘Stop Genocide in Palestine’ have also been seen. Among the cries heard were: “From the river to the sea, Palestine freedom!”, “It is not a war, it is a genocide”, “Israel murders, Europe sponsors” and “Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people !”.

Representatives of various social groups participate in the march

Representatives of various social groups participated in the march, including members of the CUP-Crida per Palma. From the convening groups they have expressed that they recognize the “legitimate right of the Palestinians to defend themselves against the illegal occupation” and the “Zionist genocide”, which, in their opinion, is “sponsored by northern imperialism – American and European”.

“We demand that the authorities of the State end the collaboration with American imperialism with the departure of NATO and that they break all military, economic and diplomatic relations with the fascist entity of Israel, we remember that the government before with Podemos, now with PSOE/Sumar have sold more than 40 million weapons in the last 5 years”, added the collectives. “We recognize the international right of self-determination of the Palestinians to live in peace and freedom from the river to the sea”, they concluded.

Solidarity marches with Palestine throughout the Catalan Countries and other territories of the Spanish State

These solidarity marches with Palestine have been repeated throughout the Catalan Countries and other territories of the Spanish State. The cry has been unanimous: the “genocide” in Palestine must be stopped.

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