Inici » Rafel Nadal, sports ambassador of Saudi Arabia: opportunity or mistake?

Rafel Nadal, sports ambassador of Saudi Arabia: opportunity or mistake?

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Majorcan tennis player Rafel Nadal accepts the position of Tennis Ambassador of Saudi Arabia

This week it was announced that the Manacor tennis player Rafel Nadal has been chosen as the Tennis Ambassador of Saudi Arabia. This position is part of the Saudi Tennis Federation’s “long-term commitment to promote the sport and motivate a new generation of athletes.” The champion of 22 ‘Grand Slams’ has stated that he wants to collaborate in the continuous progress of sport at world level, and that “there is a great opportunity” in the Arab country, where he will inaugurate a new academy.

The appointment generates controversy because of the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia

However, the appointment has also drawn criticism. It must be remembered that Saudi Arabia is a country that violates human rights and where there are great civil and social inequalities. In this regard, Amnesty International has asked the tennis player from Manacor to take advantage of his new role as ambassador as a platform to denounce the human rights situation in the Asian country.

The human rights protection organization wants Nadal to use his new position to challenge and influence the human rights situation in the area. “Rafel Nadal’s new role is nothing more than the latest episode in Saudi Arabia’s impeccable sports image-washing operation,” said Amnesty International UK’s Director of Economic Affairs, Peter Frankental . Thus, they invite him to demand an improvement in the defense of rights and in the social situation of the country.

what do you think Do you think Nadal should step down as Saudi Arabia’s tennis ambassador?

Faced with this situation, we ask you if you consider that Nadal should resign from being the tennis ambassador of Saudi Arabia. The possible answers to the survey are as follows:

-Yes, it is a country that does not respect human rights.

-No, you can take advantage of it to promote improvements in human rights.

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