Inici » The nurses of Catalonia postpone the indefinite strike after agreement with Salut

The nurses of Catalonia postpone the indefinite strike after agreement with Salut

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Agreement between Nurses of Catalonia and the Department of Health

The nurses of Catalonia have decided to call off the indefinite strike after reaching an agreement with the Department of Health, thus postponing the protest that the union started last December 12.

After hours of meetings, the ministry and the union have agreed on a set of organizational improvements, such as the right to digital disconnection and the recognition of nurses as shift leaders and guards.

Organizational improvements

Although an agreement has not been reached for the requested salary supplement, other measures have been agreed such as digital disconnection and the study of the real needs of the vehicle fleet to guarantee the portfolio of home care services of the CAPs from the Catalan Health Institute (ICS).

In addition, an assessment of the workloads of professionals and the allocation of personnel to health centers has been agreed to determine the state of the system.

To follow up on commitments, Salut and the union have agreed to meet bilaterally every two months.

Cancellation of the strike

The vice-president of Infermeres de Catalunya, Laia Marsal, has indicated that, despite not obtaining all the expected demands, the strike is being postponed to give nursing and the population a break. He emphasized that the agreements reached do not mean the end of the negotiations and defended the possibility of calling a strike again if necessary.

Nurses’ claims

The union called the strike to demand economic improvements and recognition of the profession. The agreement for the third agreement of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS), agreed between the Department of Health and other unions, does not include all the demands of the nurses in Catalonia, giving rise to the beginning of the protest in the past December 12

Despite not getting the desired salary supplement, the union is satisfied with the agreement reached, emphasizing the demand for reclassification to category A1, an issue that will depend on the negotiations with the Spanish government.

Follow-up of commitments

The nurses of Catalonia will be strict in following up on the agreements reached and we announce participation in future vindictive milestones.

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