Inici » The organizational improvements postpone the strike of the nurses in Catalonia

The organizational improvements postpone the strike of the nurses in Catalonia

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Agreement between Nurses of Catalonia and the Department of Health

The Nurses of Catalonia have decided to call off the indefinite strike after reaching an agreement with the Department of Health. This agreement includes significant organizational improvements that have satisfied the demands of the union.

Outstanding improvements

During the negotiations, it was agreed that the nurses would be recognized as valid figures to work as shift leaders and guards. In addition, the right to digital disconnection has been guaranteed through the establishment of a digital disconnection code during 2024.

The Department of Health has undertaken to study the real needs of the fleet of vehicles in the territory and to increase it according to this assessment during the first semester of this year in order to guarantee the portfolio of home care services of the CAPs of the ‘Catalan Health Institute (ICS). Likewise, it has been agreed to carry out an assessment of the workloads of professionals and the assignment of professionals to health centers with the aim of improving the system.

Follow-up commitments

To ensure compliance with the agreements, the Department of Health and the union have agreed to meet bilaterally every two months.

The Minister of Health, Manel Balcells, has shown his satisfaction with the cancellation of the strike, assuring that this will allow work on the improvements to the nursing profession that are being demanded.

Recognition and perspectives

Despite the concessions achieved, the union maintains its demanding position. The vice-president of Infermeres de Catalunya, Laia Marsal, has assured that this agreement does not satisfy all the claims, although she has described it as a first step. In addition, he has made it clear that they do not rule out calling a new strike if there is no progress in the negotiations.

It should be remembered that the Havilava strike affected the population and that its cancellation has been positively assessed, providing a climate of social peace that favors work towards the necessary improvements.

Pending claims

One of the unsatisfied demands is the salary supplement of between 400 and 600 euros per month that the union demanded while the Spanish government does not reclassify the profession to the civil service category A1. Formal reclassification is up to the Ministry and therefore the agreement did not include this demand.

Prospects for requalification

The Minister of Health, Manel Balcells, has reiterated his desire to prioritize the requalification of the profession in the negotiations with the State. In this regard, he has announced that he will address this issue in the next meeting with the Minister of Health, Mónica García, on February 2.

The councilor has stressed the importance of the State committing to requalification, as this is essential for a quality public health system and for the well-being of health professionals. In addition, he has affirmed that he will ensure the fulfillment of the commitments reached, demonstrating a clear determination in this regard.

Support and mobilizations

Likewise, the union has reiterated its support for the demonstration called by other union organizations against the new agreement of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) and has announced its presence in Madrid to request the recognition of the professional category A1 and nursing specialties.

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