Inici » The Praise of Beauty: Ana Rosa Quintana and the Appreciation of Appearance

The Praise of Beauty: Ana Rosa Quintana and the Appreciation of Appearance

una mujer con traje rojo y gafas sentada en una silla con un micrófono frente a ella y un fondo rojo y negro, Anna Maria Barbara Abesch, zabrocki, un retrato de personaje, prensa privada

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Ana Rosa Quintana and Beauty as a Topic of Debate

Recently, Ana Rosa Quintana sparked controversy by praising Pedro Sánchez’s appearance, using the word ‘handsome’ to describe him. This episode highlighted the importance of valuing beauty in today’s society, as well as its impact in the workplace [[8]].

The Debate in ‘TardeAR’

In the ‘TardeAR’ program, the issue of discrimination based on appearance was addressed, following the statements of the singer Jorge González at the Benidorm Fest 2024. This debate reflects the relevance of beauty in different social and work contexts [[ 4]].

Opinions in Contrast

The divergent opinions of the collaborators of the ‘TardeAR’ program, such as those of Frank Blanco, Susana Díaz, Cristina Cifuentes and Ana Rosa Quintana, illustrate the complexity of the perception of beauty and its influence in today’s society [[8]].

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