Inici » The rapprochement between Chenoa and Miguel Encinas after their breakup

The rapprochement between Chenoa and Miguel Encinas after their breakup

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The exchange of messages as a sign of rapprochement

Miguel Encinas has sent a touching message to his ex-wife, Chenoa, revealing details about their current relationship. After ending their marriage last November, there was speculation about a possible separation rather than a final divorce. Miguel stated that the relationship had not completely ended and that there were possibilities for reconciliation. A month after the breakup, journalist Lorena Vázquez announced on the program ‘Y Ahora Sonsoles’ that she had been in contact with people close to Miguel, who revealed that she was struggling with the breakup. It seems that the time for rapprochement between both parties has finally arrived.

Miguel’s support for Chenoa in ‘El Desafío’

‘The Challenge’ is a contest in which celebrities compete in various tests every week. Chenoa, former contestant and current host of ‘OT’, is one of the participants. During the program, she has had to face her fears, such as apnea. Despite her difficulties, Chenoa has shown her bravery and has become a leader in the game. After one of the tests, Chenoa shared her experience on her Instagram and received numerous messages of support, including from her ex-husband, Miguel Encinas, who congratulated her on her bravery.

The possible public approach

Miguel’s comment on social networks could be interpreted as a gesture of good relationship between the two or as an attempt to get closer. Although a possible reconciliation cannot be confirmed, this was the first public approach they have had after their separation. Will we be witnessing a possible reconciliation? We will continue to inform.


The exchange of messages between Chenoa and Miguel Encinas has been an indication of a possible rapprochement after their breakup. Although it cannot be said with certainty whether there will be a reconciliation, this gesture has generated speculation about the future of their relationship. We will continue to pay attention to any news.

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