Inici » The secret of Elsa Pataky’s perfect skin revealed: a laser device worth more than 2,000 euros that you can now have at home

The secret of Elsa Pataky’s perfect skin revealed: a laser device worth more than 2,000 euros that you can now have at home

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Elsa Pataky’s impact on the red carpet

Elsa Pataky’s appearances at renowned events have been frequent in recent months. From her participation in the most important fashion event in the world to her return to the most prominent awards in the international film industry, the actress’s presence has been notable. Accompanied by her husband, American actor Chris Hemsworth, who is promoting his latest audiovisual project ‘Furiosa’, Elsa has captured everyone’s attention in several photocalls.

The secret behind her flawless appearance

Elsa Pataky’s unmistakable pose, with her back turned but looking at the camera, has been praised on every red carpet. However, behind her perfect appearance lies not only enviable genetics and a healthy lifestyle, but also meticulous care of her skin with cutting-edge treatments. Recently, one of her beauty secrets has been revealed thanks to her trusted makeup artist, Beatriz Matallana, who shared on her social networks how they prepared the actress’s skin before her appearance at the Festival of Cannes.

The revelation of the Lyma laser device

The Lyma laser device, praised by facialists around the world, has also won over the actress. This innovative gadget, designed for home use, offers benefits ranging from wrinkle reduction and acne prevention to improving skin tone and luminosity, as well as reducing scars and marks. Even its use on the body promises to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins and cellulite, in addition to contributing to faster recovery from injuries to joints, ligaments and muscles.

Despite its multiple benefits, the price of this device exceeds 2,300 euros. However, considering the possibility of enjoying facial or body sessions at home, its purchase becomes a long-term investment to achieve radiant skin, just like Elsa Pataky’s.

Follow the example

Discover Elsa Pataky’s latest beauty secret and follow her steps towards perfect skin.

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