Inici » The two worlds of football: A reflection on symbolism and reality

The two worlds of football: A reflection on symbolism and reality

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The symbolism of Gigi Riva and the duality of modern football

The video scorers of the final of the Italian Super Cup in Riyadh witnessed the minute’s silence in honor of the great Gigi Riva. At that moment, two opposing worlds collided, as never before.

On the one hand, Riva and the powerful symbolism of his memory. The loyalty of the prolific goalscorer, born in Lombardy, who remained throughout his career at modest Cagliari, taking him from the Second Division to become League champion.

On the other hand, the whistles of the Saudi public during the tribute to Riva, Rombo di Tuono, which show us the most hostile variant of modern football, capable of relocating national tournament venues and scorning the silence for the missing legends.

The duality of Mestalla and the tensions between tradition and modernity

Mestalla has also seen adopted Valencians grow up, succeed and retire to live among us. The tensions between the old world and the new are manifested in football, especially in Valencia.

The last Mestalla afternoons will endure for years as an exponent of the most classic football, but the Nou Mestalla represents the excesses of modern football.

Parallels between the past and the present: Rubén Baraja’s Valencia

In ‘Línia de Fons’, in Àpunt, teacher Fernando Gómez Colomer sees similarities between the current Valencia and the youth team that rescued the club with promotion in 1987.

Today’s successes might emulate the loyalty of Riva or the resilience of Mestalla’s veterans, but they face the reality of the future, with 92% of the share capital in Lim’s hands.

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