Inici » Too many immigrants per square meter? Opinions among Catalans

Too many immigrants per square meter? Opinions among Catalans

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The Last Numbers

60% of Catalans express concern about immigration levels, according to the latest barometer of the Center for Opinion Studies of the Generalitat.

The perceptions, although subjective, highlight a palpable concern for population density.

Street Reality

To understand this restlessness, you don’t have to go any further than the streets of cities like Salt.

Incidents such as thefts or feelings of insecurity fuel the perception of saturation.

Cultural diversity, while enriching the community, also poses adaptation challenges for some residents.

Municipal Policies

There are complaints about possible obstacles that some councils impose on the registration of new residents.

Despite official denials, testimonies of restrictions are becoming more frequent.

These practices could reflect a contradiction between initial openness and subsequent obstacles.


Intercultural coexistence poses challenges and opportunities that require dialogue and inclusive policies.

Legitimate concerns about immigration need to be addressed with empathy and sustainable solutions.

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