Inici » When love fades: A story in ‘First dates’

When love fades: A story in ‘First dates’

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A meeting full of expectations

Sometimes, love at first sight can be as ephemeral as a fleeting illusion. This was precisely what Alejandra experienced during her participation in the popular program ‘First dates’. The young single woman came to the program with a clear objective in mind: to find the blonde boy of her dreams. Although it seemed that this peculiar request would be difficult to fulfill, her destiny had a surprise in store for her.

Iván, the one chosen for the date, was immediately attracted to Alejandra’s beauty. During the evening, they shared tastes, hobbies and other topics of conversation. However, not everything was as idyllic as it seemed.

Music, an unexpected discord

One of the moments in which discrepancies arose was when Iván confessed his passion for bachata, even revealing that in his town they nicknamed him ‘Romeo’, although not for romantic reasons, but for his ability to dance. This statement perplexed Alejandra, who could not hide her surprise and disgust at such a revelation.

Meanwhile, the production team of the program directed by Carlos Sobera also witnessed the reaction of the young single woman: ‘It was a shocking moment. I couldn’t help but laugh. I was very surprised as I doubt he is the type of guy who recites poetry,’ she commented with a mix of amusement and sarcasm.

When first impressions fade

The meeting between Alejandra and Iván showed that initial love can quickly fade when incompatible aspects are discovered. Although they both shared pleasant moments during the date, the conversation about music revealed an important difference in their tastes, which affected the connection between them.

Sometimes what seemed like a promising choice at first ends up being a very different reality. In this case, Alejandra made it clear that her search for the perfect blonde boy was not completely satisfied. However, this experience allowed her to reflect and learn more about herself and her true priorities in a relationship.

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