Inici » A New Horizon for the Pont Larg de Manresa

A New Horizon for the Pont Larg de Manresa

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An Initiative for the Dignification of Heritage

Manresa City Council, promoted by the Junts municipal group, will undertake an exhaustive heritage study and develop a restoration project for the Llarg Bridge. This emblematic work, a 230 meter long aqueduct that houses 33 elegant arches, is an integral part of the majestic civil engineering structures of the Séquia canals.

The main purpose of this initiative is the dignification of Pont Llarg and its surroundings. Emphasis will be placed on identifying the elements that distort its perception as a cataloged asset and proposals will be presented for their elimination or modification.

Commitment to Improving the Public Environment

The council also undertakes to coordinate concrete actions to improve the public spaces adjacent to the Pont Llarg, especially those intended for the performances of the Living Nativity scene. These measures will be articulated in collaboration with the Commission of the Living Nativity and Long Bridge Candies of the Parish of La Mare de Déu de l’Esperança, in the Mion-Puigberenguer-Poal District.

An Element of Heritage Value

The Special Plan for the Protection of Historical and Architectural Heritage highlights the uniqueness of Pont Llarg and its immediate surroundings, underscoring its character as a monumental landmark. This document, which safeguards the historical and architectural legacy of the region, consolidates the importance of this monument as an integral part of the local collective imagination.

Preservation of a Centenary Tradition

For more than three decades, the Living Nativity and Candy Committee of Pont Larg of the Parish of La Mare de Déu de l’Esperança, in the Mión-Puigberenguer-Poal neighborhood has successfully organized the Living Nativity, attracting thousands of visitors and mobilizing a significant number of volunteers. Despite being a highlight of the Christmas festivities in the city and the region, the area around Pont Llarg has suffered from a lack of maintenance and cleaning, affecting its image and heritage value.

The Long Bridge, which dates from the 17th-18th centuries, was a key work for the expansion of the irrigation system in the Horta del Poal. Recognized as an exceptional engineering element with outstanding architectural value, this aqueduct symbolizes the mastery and innovative vision of the builders of the time.

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