Inici » Argo, the last stray dog ​​of Pompeii, dies

Argo, the last stray dog ​​of Pompeii, dies

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Argo, a lost symbol

Argo, the dog that roamed the streets of Pompeii and had become a beloved symbol of the city, has recently passed away.

He was the last stray dog ​​in Pompeii and his absence leaves a void in the hearts of locals and visitors.

A constant presence

For more than 15 years, Argo visited the Archaeological Park of Pompeii every day, always being the first to arrive and the last to leave. It didn’t matter if it was summer or winter, he knew all the visiting hours as if you had them etched in your memory.

The tourist guide Glauc Messina, who has confirmed the sad news, explained: ‘We are very sad about the loss of Argo. He was a special dog who always looked after the city and was loved by workers and visitors. Now it will leave us with a great void.’

A well-deserved tribute

The Archaeological Park of Pompeii wanted to pay tribute to Argo through social networks. They shared: ‘Pompeii says goodbye to Argo. After more than 15 years of honorable service as a host, we have lost a loyal friend. Rest in peace, Argo.’

Argo started visiting the park when he was just a puppy, along with other dogs that are no longer there. This stray dog ​​became the last representative of a bygone era, and tour guides and excavation workers will now remember its presence with nostalgia.

An unforgettable legacy

People who were lucky enough to meet Argo have already started sharing photos and memories of this great four-legged friend.

The tribute to Argo has only just begun and will surely be remembered as a timeless symbol of Pompeii and its love of animals.

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