Inici » Discover Sant Miquel del Fai: An Unforgettable Experience in the Summer of 2023

Discover Sant Miquel del Fai: An Unforgettable Experience in the Summer of 2023

un pueblo enclavado en las montañas con un camino que conduce a él y un camino que conduce al otro lado, Cagnaccio di San Pietro, vista aérea, una foto de cambio de inclinación, románico

An Exceptional Natural Destination

Since its reopening on April 22, 2023, Sant Miquel del Fai has captivated the interest of more than 30,000 visitors, offering a unique experience in the middle of nature.

Diversity in the Ways of Arrival

With 86% of visitors opting for private vehicles through advance bookings, 2023 has seen massive interest in this spectacular destination. In addition, 9.2% have enjoyed the Riells trail on foot, while 2.3% have opted for the bus or other collective means.

Online Reservations: Guaranteed Access

To ensure a hassle-free visit, visitors have used the free online booking system, with three time slots available. This measure especially benefits those who come from further afield, ensuring a full experience.

Visitor Satisfaction: A 5 Star Experience

Surprisingly, the Sant Miquel del Fai page has led the visits to the website of the Natural Parks Network of the Diputació de Barcelona in 2023. With a satisfaction survey at the end of each visit, 53.9% of visitors rated with the maximum score of 5 stars, while 28.3% gave it a 4.

Highlights: Beyond Expectations

Visitors highlight the waterfall and the balms (19.4%), the panoramic views (17.1%), the visit in general (15.1%), and the church (6.7%). A remarkable 37.6% have used QR codes to obtain more information about points of interest along the route, demonstrating the growing interest in the fusion of technology and nature.

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