Inici » Find out what you can expect in the treatment of colds and coughs

Find out what you can expect in the treatment of colds and coughs

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A Journey to the World of Health: Beyond the Common Cold

As we get older, experience with colds and flus gives us a unique perspective on what to expect from the options available at the pharmacy.

It is fascinating to see that, despite advances in serious diseases, the treatment of sore throat and cough remains disappointing.

The Search for Solutions: A Sea of ​​Alternatives and Disappointments

Despite TV commercials that promise miracles, the reality is that finding an effective solution for a sore throat is quite a challenge.

For a powerful cough, opening a pack of fluimucils may seem like the first line of defense, but even this may not be enough without the help of codeine syrup, reserved only for dry coughs and with due precautions.

The Bitter Truth: When Conventional Remedies Fail

After trying every product available, from candy to mystery herbs in boxes, there comes a point where the options seem exhausted.

Even when the pharmacy offers what they consider ‘stronger’, the reality is that the composition is often similar to other conventional products, making us question the true effectiveness of conventional treatments.

Advice After Trying So Much: A Turn Toward Natural Remedies

In this situation, popular wisdom takes over. Tips like honey, lemon and a generous intake of water become the last hope to overcome cough and sore throat.

However, it should be noted that drinking more than three liters of water, according to the National Academy of Medicine of the United States, can be key, although it can lead to challenges such as having the toilet nearby and avoiding coughing forcefully.

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