Inici » Letícia will have to be operated on soon because of a fracture in her foot

Letícia will have to be operated on soon because of a fracture in her foot

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Leticia’s situation

Letícia had to make a difficult decision after a domestic accident that caused her to break her foot. Despite her efforts to prevent it, her condition has worsened in recent weeks, forcing her to consider surgery.

Changes in your habits

Accustomed to always wearing heels, her adaptation to the use of heels in official events has been evident. However, this change has not been enough to alleviate his discomfort, which has manifested itself on several occasions.

The need for the operation

After medical consultations, it has been confirmed that Letícia will have to undergo an operation in order to improve her condition. Although the Royal House has not yet issued an official statement, it is expected that they will do so once the date of the intervention has been agreed.

The unexpected revelation

The identity of the person who made this information public has surprised many. Belén Esteban, well-known TV host, would have been the source of this revelation, confirmed directly by the Spanish queen herself.

Waiting for the intervention

The exact date of the operation has not yet been announced, but there is speculation that it may take place during the month of July so that Leticia can recover during the summer holidays without unduly disrupting her official schedule .

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