Inici » Nebulossa: An Unforgettable Performance at Eurovision

Nebulossa: An Unforgettable Performance at Eurovision

els concursants de la veu de la veu posen per a una foto de grup a l'escenari durant l'espectacle final del concurs, Avgust Černigoj, imatge promocional, pintura renaixentista, neoclassicisme

An Unforgettable Performance

Nebulossa has returned to Spain after his participation in Eurovision, leaving an unforgettable mark on the contest. Despite his position 22 in the classification, his performance becomes a memory for all spectators. The Valencian representatives captivated the public during their performance, despite not obtaining as many points as they expected. His presence on stage generated great anticipation and support from the spectators, a fact that surprised the experts of the contest.

Reactions and Sincerity

After the competition, Nebulossa was honest about his result in front of the media. Despite the poor score received, they expressed their gratitude for the support received and preferred to focus on this positive aspect. However, they also acknowledged that they expected a better reception from voters: “With all the love we received from the public, we do not fully understand the result of the voting. We received hundreds of messages daily and did not expect this outcome in the votes”.

Reactions to Other Actions

In addition, Nebulossa has also expressed his opinion about other representatives, such as Olly Alexander of the United Kingdom, who received 0 points from the televote. They showed their solidarity with other participants and expressed their surprise at the votes. However, they have chosen to maintain a positive outlook and focus on the appreciation received from the public, showing their excitement at this unexpected support.

Reactions to Television

Several television programs have commented on Spain’s Eurovision result, including El Hormiguero. The opinions expressed in this program have been diverse, with both positive and critical comments. However, this experience has marked a turning point for Nebulossa, who continues to maintain a positive attitude despite the negative views expressed in some media.

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