Inici » The favorite 1922, the new series of Telecinco and Bambú with Verónica Sánchez and Luis Fernández

The favorite 1922, the new series of Telecinco and Bambú with Verónica Sánchez and Luis Fernández

un grupo de mujeres vestidas paradas en una habitación con candelabros en el techo y un candelabro colgando del techo, Aya Goda, imagen promocional, portada de un álbum, precisionismo

A story of love, dreams and cuisine in Madrid in the 1920s

Telecinco and Bambú Producciones have begun production of their first joint series, ‘La favorita 1922’, a fiction set in a restaurant in Madrid in the 1920s, which will feature Verónica Sánchez and Luis Fernández as protagonists. The Mediaset chain made public this Wednesday the cast and synopsis of this new project, which does not yet have a premiere date or a defined format (daily or weekly).

Verónica Sánchez (‘Sky Rojo’, ‘April 14. The Republic’) will play Elena de Valmonte, an aristocrat ahead of her time, while Luis Fernández (‘Desapareguts. The Series’, ‘The Protected’) will give life to Julio, the owner of the place in this series, which will be made by the production company of ‘La promesa’, the success of the afternoons of TVE’s La 1.

A luxurious cast for a period series

Alongside the protagonists, ‘La Favorita 1922’ gathers in its cast Andrea Duro, Maribel Salas, Elena Maroto and Raquel Querol giving life to Ana, Lourdes, Rosa and Cecilia, employees of the restaurant; Fernando Cayo as César, Elena de Valmonte’s father-in-law; Joel Sánchez in the role of Roberto, waiter and friend of Julio; Javier Lago and Manuel de Andrés as the mobster Don Benito and his henchman Armando; and Ángela Vega playing Consuelo, the owner of the grocery store.

The fight for dreams, love, intrigue, resilience and passion for cooking are intertwined in the narrative axis of this new fiction project, the first that the chain produces in collaboration with Bambú Producciones ( creator of fictions such as ‘Les noias del cable’ or ‘Velvet’).

This is how ‘La favorita 1922’ will be

In Seville in 1922, Marquise Elena de Valmonte (Verónica Sánchez), a cultured woman with a privileged position, spends hours at the stove next to the service pouring her energy into her great passion, cooking, while she feels trapped in a marriage unhappy with Adolfo, her authoritarian husband who despises her at the slightest opportunity, and longs to lead another life. One night, after hosting one of his famous dinners at his palace, Elena and Cecilia (Raquel Querol), his faithful maid, find themselves embroiled in an unfortunate incident that will change their lives forever.

Having become fugitives, they arrive in Madrid and take refuge in the premises of a restaurant that closed years ago. After touring his stove, Elena plans to reopen it and make it one of the best in town. In her eagerness to achieve her business dream, she contacts Julio (Luis Fernández), the handsome owner of the establishment, who rents the restaurant to her without informing her of the fine print. Determined, Elena and Cecilia begin the search for the team among the best cooks and maids in the country, choosing Ana Ferrer (Andrea Duro) as head of room; Lourdes Mendieta (Maribel Salas) as a cook; and Rosa (Elena Maroto) as a pastry chef.

Excited by the new opportunity that life offers them, the five women reopen the restaurant with the name ‘La Favorita Bistró’, where between stews and recipes they will give the best of themselves, share secrets, meet love and discover that it takes much more than talent and desire to keep the restaurant afloat. Because maybe the problems are not over, but have only begun…

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