Inici » The surprising story of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and María José Suarez

The surprising story of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and María José Suarez

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A love that grabbed attention

All the magazine covers, all the headlines and talk shows mention him. Álvaro Muñoz Escassi reappeared just a few weeks ago hand in hand with María José Suarez to shout his love from the four winds, the two of them wanted to make people envious with their passion and their wonderful relationship, they wanted to go beyond the screen with their story, and they have done so. achieved… but not because of all the decorations that made their relationship something idyllic, but because they have made a mess and in a very bad way. All they needed was for them to appear on ¡De Viernes! to monopolize the first headlines and a few days later the press realized that they were already suffering a crisis that would culminate in a very scandalous breakup, Es Cassi as the triangle of Shakira and Gerard Piqué. Pay attention.

A breakup full of scandals

They announced their separation and shortly afterward all the dirty laundry about this breakup was revealed. A lurid e-mail that Miquel Valls uncovered in Espejo Público and where one of her lovers sent María José Suarez in detail her entire adventure with Escassi to add more fuel to the fire. And that’s not all, later other adventures that the rider had had with several girls and a monumental extortion that would sink him deeper and deeper were also published. Capital scandal. The commotion has been going on for days now and the protagonist decided to sit down for ¡De Viernes!, to explain the entire story point by point and leave us even more breathless. But if we were already speechless, who we thought would also be amazed are his children. Anna Barrachina and Álvaro Escassi junior, who, despite his father’s disturbance, have decided to support him at all times, are his greatest (and only) support.

The discovery of a daughter

In recent days, Álvaro Muños Escassi proudly published a selfie with his daughter Anna Barrachina, the result of his relationship with Mercedes Barrachina, whom he did not meet as a daughter until four years later. He is 28 years old, was born in Germany and is dedicated to the world of art. Father and daughter lived a soap opera story after the rider did not meet her until she was four years old. She then worried about exercising her position and maintaining a very close relationship with the child’s family, acting as ‘godfather of the child’ until she was eighteen years old, and she finally learned that Álvaro Escassi was her father. . Very strong.

The beauty of Anna Barrachina

Blue eyes, and perfect features, Anna Barrachina is simply gorgeous. If we asked the rider about her beauty, he would surely assure us that it is genetics, but we doubt it, the former contestant on reality shows like MasterChef Celebrity and Survivors has long been plasticized with injections and a scalpel. We understand that she brags about her daughter, because it seems that all beauty is purely natural, which is why she always publishes it on her online profile, saying that she is one of her greatest supporters: ‘When what you want most is with you. You’ve been there too without having to do it.’

Refuge in your family

Within this whole ordeal, which will last for days, it seems that Escassi has found his greatest refuge: his eldest daughter and little Junior, with whom he goes out to dinner, and tries to lead a father and son life, as normal as possible among all this. commotion…

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