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The weather for this Thursday: the temperature reaches its maximum

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The Meteorological Service of Catalonia (Meteocat) announces a very warm day

According to Meteocat, this Thursday will be the warmest day of the week, with temperatures that will exceed what is normal for this time of year. From tomorrow, the thermometer will start to drop, but a spring atmosphere will remain. The weather will be sunny and calm, with some high clouds and low stratus or fog on the coast and in the central depression.

The temperature will rise throughout the country, except in Ponent and the coast

The temperature will be higher than yesterday, and from early morning we will notice the warmer atmosphere. As happened yesterday, there will be low strata in the western half of the country and coastal fog in some places. In the rest, the sun will predominate during the morning and the sea will be very calm.

In the afternoon, the atmosphere will be very spring-like, with values ​​that will exceed 20 degrees in most areas. In some places, such as the pre-littoral, they can reach up to 24 degrees. In the Pyrenean valleys, there will also be maximums of 22 or 23 degrees. On the other hand, temperatures will be lower in the West and on the coast, where the fog will not lift completely.

In the coming days, the weather will remain stable

For the next few days, Meteocat predicts that the weather will not change much. According to its specialists, the temperature will drop a little from Friday, but it will still be very spring-like, with values ​​above what is usual for this time of the year. The weather will continue to be sunny and calm, with few clouds and no rain.

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