Inici » Two young people are arrested for causing a fire in a hair salon in Blanes

Two young people are arrested for causing a fire in a hair salon in Blanes

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The fire originated at the entrance of the premises and spread through the building

A hair salon in Blanes that also offers beauty services was the scene of an intentional fire last Sunday. The Blanes Local Police arrested the two alleged perpetrators, two boys who are accused of arson.

The fire broke out around four-thirty in the morning in a place located in Plaza Solidaridad and on the corner of Rambla de Joaquim Ruyra. The building has five floors and the hair salon occupies the ground floor.

Firefighters sent four crews to the scene and found that the fire was confined to the premises and had started in the entrance area. They managed to extinguish the flames quickly, but the fire generated a lot of smoke that dispersed up the staircase of the apartment block. For this reason, they had to carry out ventilation tasks. No one was injured and the service ended around a quarter to five in the morning.

A witness saw two people dressed in dark clothes leaving the hair salon

As in any fire, the causes must be clarified and the Blanes Local Police, who also attended the incident, began to investigate. Especially after a witness alerted them that he had seen two people dressed in dark clothes leave the hair salon area and that the flames had started.

The whistleblower was able to give them a precise description and the agents searched for the alleged perpetrators of the fire and finally located them near a bar on Mas Palou Street. Both fully matched the description.

Surveillance cameras confirmed responsibility for the fire

In addition, the images from the surveillance cameras captured the start of the fire and were able to verify that the two young people they had identified were also the two alleged perpetrators of the fire.

For this reason, they were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of arson. The same establishment also appeared a few days ago with a broken window and it is not ruled out that it could be the work of the detainees themselves.

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