Inici » What will the weather be like in Catalonia in February? Will low temperatures, precipitation and snowfall return?

What will the weather be like in Catalonia in February? Will low temperatures, precipitation and snowfall return?

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If you are wondering what the weather will be like in Catalonia in February 2024, you will be interested to know that the trends point to a possible drastic change that could fully affect us. Will low temperatures, precipitation and snowfall return or will the anticyclone continue to dominate with mid-spring temperatures? In this article we tell you about it with the help of Alfred Rodríguez Picó and Xavi Freixes, who explain it to you in this video where you can see spectacular images and the weather forecast for this weekend:

Sun, fog and heat records

This Friday we will have sun in almost all of Catalonia, although a little more subdued because the high clouds will increase. Fog will continue to be the main protagonist of the meteorological film in the interior, especially in Pla de Lleida, where the environment will remain cold and humid 24 hours a day. The contrast between the cold that persists in the Ponent regions and the very high temperatures that we have in the majority of regions is notable, with maximum temperatures that, in some cases, have reached 27.2ºC in Mieres (La Garrotxa), as if We were in May or June. On the weekend we will also have sun with minor clouds and the fog will continue to be abundant in the interior of the country, where we will have to be very warm throughout the day. In the rest, although temperatures will drop a little, we will maintain a spring atmosphere. On Sunday afternoon the sky could be cloudy on the Costa Brava.

Some images of the weather these days

Radical climate change in sight

Next week will also be marked by the anticyclone with sun and fog. The only news is that we will have more clouds on the coast that could cover the skies and, occasionally, we do not rule out four miscounted drops falling. It won’t be as hot as these days, but temperatures will still be higher than usual for the time of year. On days with cloudy skies on the coast, the maximums will be clearly lower on the seafront, where, in addition, these days we have some maritime fogs. The meteorological monotony could last for much of the first fortnight of February. Beware, however, of a possible radical change in climate that could affect Catalonia between February 15 and 21. If you want to know more details about what could happen, don’t miss the video that you will find at the beginning of this information, with the explanation of Alfred Rodríguez Picó and Xavi Freixes.

More images of the weather these days

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