Inici » A Journey Through the Catalan Waves: Discovering the Jewels and Disillusions of Catalonia Ràdio

A Journey Through the Catalan Waves: Discovering the Jewels and Disillusions of Catalonia Ràdio

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Exploring The Third Time: A Different Look

Forced by some friends, I have learned to listen to El tercer temps and El Tot Costa, two football programs on Catalunya Ràdio. The third half, presented by Ricard Torquemada, emerges as a fascinating experience that follows Barça’s matches with a duration of three quarters of an hour. The great surprise of this program has been Bernat Soler, who, when he adopts a more reflective tone, presents himself as intelligent and measured, moving away from the rudeness that is sometimes shown in the transmissions.

The Transformation of Bernat Soler: A Pleasant Surprise

I have been so hard on him that readers can bear my astonishment on the day that, while I was doing something else, I thought: Who is this guy who talks and does it so well? My admired surprise. Now when I listen to Bernat narrate, I benevolently look to separate the wheat from the chaff, appreciating the moments when he shines with intelligence.

Everything Costs: Between the Useful and the Exhausting

On the other hand, Tot Costa, presented by Jordi Costa, offers a useful experience for writing Barça chronicles, but it becomes exhausting for two hours with its attitude of disinterest. Slow words and disregard for the listener’s time remain critical points, contrasting with the utility of his mid-part interventions.

The Double Face of Jordi Costa: Usefulness and Disinterest

I appreciate Jordi Costa’s judgment and often copy him, but the laziness and lack of respect for the listener’s time are evident in this two-hour marathon. His apparent reluctance contrasts with the need to love life more and be considered with the audience’s patience.

The Night of the Ignorant: A Nocturnal Desolation

Exploring more deeply the Catalunya Ràdio grid, La Nit dels Ignorants, presented by Xavier Solà, emerges as a brutal regression to a bygone era. This dramatic prequel presents an apologia for illness and loneliness, with disaffected listeners voicing petty concerns and complaints of no general interest.

Xavier Solà: A Refutation of Humanity’s Progress

Xavier Solà represents a regression, destroying in the morning what has been built with so much effort during the day. Current Catalonia deserves more than this display of laziness, and Xavier Solà’s night of the ignorant seems to contradict all progress of Humanity.

In conclusion, the journey through the grid of Catalunya Ràdio reveals lights and shadows, with programs that shine when they find their measure and disappoint when they move away from it. The richness and diversity of the radio offer reflects the complexity of the tastes and expectations of the Catalan audience.

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