Inici » Àngel Guimerà’s relations with Manresa: A Dignified Centenary

Àngel Guimerà’s relations with Manresa: A Dignified Centenary

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A Historical Visit

In the framework of the centenary of the death of Àngel Guimerà, the historian Francesc Comas shared fascinating details about the relations that the renowned writer had with Manresa. His visits to the city were notable events, and his legacy continues to be remembered with admiration and respect.

Guimerà’s first visit to Manresa took place on March 26, 1892, as part of the celebration of the historic Bases de Manresa. On this occasion, the Unió Catalanista chose the capital of Bages for its first assembly, an event that marked a turning point in the history of the region. Guimerà, known for his skills as a writer and owner, was tasked with presiding over the presentation of the third base, focused on the Catalan Constitution. His speech, described as fiery and passionate, captivated the audience and left a lasting mark on the collective memory of Manresa.

Recognition and Honor

Guimerà’s second visit to Manresa took place on April 30, 1905, when a concert was held by the Orfeó Manresà that premiered the anthem with lyrics by Àngel Guimerà and music by Estanislau Casas. This event was a testimony to the profound impact that Guimerà had had on the cultural and artistic life of the city. In addition, his contribution was recognized in Barcelona, ​​where he was declared his favorite son, and several Catalan cities dedicated streets to him in honor of his literary legacy.

A Memorized Tribute

Guimerà’s third visit to Manresa took place on August 29, 1920, when he presided over the second Children’s Floral Games at the Center Autonomista de Dependents del Comerç i la Industria. Although this reception was more modest compared to the previous ones, it was a testimony to the constant respect and admiration that the city of Manresa felt towards this illustrious writer.

An Enduring Legacy

Àngel Guimerà’s visits to Manresa marked a significant chapter in the city’s history. His commitment to culture and his contribution to the social and artistic life of Manresa continue to be remembered with gratitude and admiration. His legacy lives on as a testament to his lasting influence in the region, and his memory continues to be honored with respect and veneration.

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