Inici » Another building affected by a collapse in Manresa

Another building affected by a collapse in Manresa

un edifici molt alt amb moltes finestres i runes a terra davant i un carrer a sota, Bouchta El Hayani, post apocalíptic, una foto de tilt shift, brutalisme

A new worrying situation

Less than two weeks after the collapse of a building in the Old Quarter of Manresa, the city experienced another scare this weekend. This time, the collapse took place in Carrer Sant Andreu, a few meters away from the site of the previous incident in Carrer Sobrerroca. Although no personal injuries have been reported in either case, this situation is worrying for the community.

The importance of building security

It is clear that Manresa has a serious problem with buildings that can collapse at any moment. It is the responsibility of the City Council and the Generalitat to identify and take measures to prevent people from living in dangerous buildings. It is unacceptable that someone should be allowed to reside in a place that could endanger their life.

The need to act quickly

There is an urgent need for the authorities to make a significant and swift effort to identify and fix this problem. If proper measures are not taken, the situation will only worsen and the consequences can be tragic. Luck must be avoided as the only factor preventing personal injury in cases like these.

A call to action

It is everyone’s responsibility, as citizens, to demand that the authorities take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the buildings in Manresa. We cannot allow this situation to continue to put people’s lives at risk. It’s time to take action and ensure a safe environment for all.

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