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Exit and Re-Enter: The Freedom to Decide Your Own Path

una pintura d'una dona caminant per una vorera entre dos edificis amb arbres i arbustos a banda i banda de la passarel·la, Evgeny Lushpin, dibuixos d'il·luminació global, una pintura mate detallada, escola de París

A Look at the Past

In the past, decision-making regarding studies and the professional future was not based on external guidance. There was no personalized tutoring or family pressure to choose a particular path. Confidence in one’s own destiny was the norm, and adolescence was lived without the pressure of making crucial decisions for the future.

Changes in Current Society

Today, the landscape has undergone significant transformations. Social pressure and the need for guidance have intensified, highlighting the importance of choosing the right career path. This reality poses new challenges for young people and their families.

A Message of Encouragement

In this context, it is crucial to convey to young people the idea that decisions are not final. It’s normal to make mistakes and correct them. Learning is based on trial and error, and there are no magic formulas to guarantee future career success. The freedom to decide one’s own path is a right that must be preserved and defended.

The Importance of Flexibility

Young people must feel empowered to explore different paths and, if necessary, rectify their choices. Flexibility and adaptability are key in this stage of personal and professional discovery.

Utopia and Personal Transformation

It is important that young people keep alive the utopia of an ideal society, despite its non-existence. This idealistic vision acts as an engine of improvement and personal transformation, driving them to always seek improvement and the realization of their dreams.

The Need for Persistence and Renewal

Along these lines, it is essential to remind young people that persistence and renewal are key elements on the way to their personal and professional fulfillment. Going out and back in as many times as necessary, without fear or conformity, is a sign of courage and determination.


In short, the freedom to decide one’s own path is a fundamental right that must be preserved. Encouraging young people to explore, make mistakes and renew themselves is the key to a future full of learning and personal growth.

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