Inici » Isabel Coixet: A unique vision of Catalan cinema

Isabel Coixet: A unique vision of Catalan cinema

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Isabel Coixet: A Catalan filmmaker with a different perspective

Isabel Coixet is a Catalan filmmaker born in Barcelona in 1960. With a prolific career and a unique vision of cinema, Coixet has captivated audiences with her emotional and impactful films.

Un amor: A new masterpiece by Coixet

Coixet’s latest film, entitled Un amor, is an adaptation of a novel by Sara Mesa. Starring Laia Costa, Hovik Keuchkerian and Hugo Silva, the film follows the story of Nat, a woman in her thirties who decides to settle in a rural village in Spain to escape her everyday life . With themes such as migration and personal tragedies, Un amor promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.

An uncomfortable film that does not leave indifferent

Coixet admits that Un amor is an uncomfortable film and that it can provoke all kinds of reactions. With an intense plot and complex characters, the film puts the viewer in front of situations that make them think and feel. Coixet believes that cinema must be provocative and uncomfortable to awaken emotions and thoughts in the audience.

The collaboration with Laia Costa

Coixet emphasizes his admiration for the actress Laia Costa, with whom he has worked on several occasions. He considers Costa an extraordinary actress and an exceptional woman, and states that he would make all his films with her. The collaboration between Coixet and Costa has resulted in impressive performances and a unique on-screen chemistry.

A personal vision of cinema

Coixet has a personal vision of cinema and seeks to explore deep and emotional themes in his films. With a career spanning a wide range of film genres and styles, Coixet has left a mark on the Catalan and international film industry.


Isabel Coixet is a Catalan filmmaker with a unique perspective and an impressive career. With his latest film, Un amor, Coixet continues to explore deep and emotional themes. With his collaboration with Laia Costa and his personal vision of cinema, Coixet has left a mark on the film industry. Be sure to watch his films and discover his unique vision of Catalan cinema.

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