Inici » Judge sends Dilawar Hussein, the recognized killer of Morata de Tajuña’s three brothers, to prison without bail

Judge sends Dilawar Hussein, the recognized killer of Morata de Tajuña’s three brothers, to prison without bail

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Dilawar Hussein F.C., the Pakistani citizen called ‘El Negre de Morata’, has entered provisional prison by order of the judge, after having confirmed in his appearance the same thing he declared before the Civil Guard. In other words, he has again acknowledged being responsible for the murders of the three Gutiérrez Ayuso brothers, neighbors of Morata de Tajuña and with whom he had several conflicts over financial debts.

The head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction nº 5 of Arganda del Rei has decreed the provisional prison communicated and without bail of Dilawar, who surrendered last Sunday to the Civil Guard of the same municipality, for being the alleged author of the triple murder of Morata de Tajuña.

The judge has taken this decision in the face of the danger of escape and the possible alteration and/or destruction of evidence, according to judicial sources. The detainee will be investigated for the alleged commission of three crimes of homicide, although this criminal classification is initial and could change as the corresponding investigative procedures are carried out as part of the judicial investigation.

In the course of the appearance, the detainee has admitted the authorship of the facts and has ratified what he declared before the Civil Guard. After the court decision, he was transferred to the penitentiary center of Estremera. It should be noted that Dilawar has already served 7 months of sentence, after being arrested for hitting one of the Gutiérrez Ayuso sisters with a hammer on three occasions.

The most media event

Dilawar is the recognized author of the most media event in Spain so far this year. This citizen of Pakistani nationality would have committed the triple homicide of three brothers of Morata de Tajuña who were being the object of an internet scam. Amelia, one of three sisters, had been sending money to a scammer posing as a US military man with whom she had an online relationship for 6 years.

The woman was ruined, as was her sister, who fell for a scam with similar characteristics. For this reason they had to sell their property (a house in Ciutat Lineal, Madrid) and jewelry. And when they had no more resources, they chose to start asking their neighbors in Morata de Tajuña for money. They warned them that they were being scammed, but the women, far from investigating, got nervous and kept asking for money.

That’s how they met Dilawar, who had a newsroom from which women sent large sums of money abroad. This Pakistani citizen was offered a deal: that he leave them a large sum of money. They promised that they would return this amount with high interest, as they were waiting for the collection of 7 million euros from the inheritance of one of these alleged military men who had relations with one of the sisters.

Charge failed

Dilawar would have left them an amount between 30 and 50 thousand euros, with the promise that they would end up returning 60 thousand. But time went by and, seeing that this money never arrived, he decided to go collect it personally. First he was installed in the house of the brothers, since he sold the speaker and its belongings to be able to leave this money. Then he assaulted Amelia, one of the sisters, slapping her which she did not report.

In January 2023, Dilawar returned with the intention of collecting the debt and, according to a sentence to which El Periódico de España, of the Premsa Ibérica group, has had access, he assaulted Amelia on three occasions with a hammer. And when the woman fell to the ground, he kicked her. This time, the brothers did press charges and the man was jailed. He spent 7 months locked up in Madrid’s Estremera prison.

After his release, he spent several months living in the homes of his compatriots living in Madrid, since he had lost everything. And it was in January when he decided to consummate his revenge, enter the house of the three brothers and end the lives of the three. After the police found him, he remained in hiding for several days, until he decided to surrender to the Civil Guard last Sunday. Now he is back in Estremera, waiting to be tried for the three homicides.

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