Inici » Marbella, besieged by a gang of former military personnel from the East who committed more than 60 robberies in homes and businesses

Marbella, besieged by a gang of former military personnel from the East who committed more than 60 robberies in homes and businesses

un grupo de soldados parados frente a un edificio con un camión estacionado frente a él y un automóvil estacionado frente a él, Bouchta El Hayani, imagen promocional, una fotografía, antípodas

The National Police arrest six members of the group, which operated in luxury areas and used firearms

A group of ex-military men from the former Eastern Europe has spread terror in Marbella with more than 60 robberies in homes and establishments, most located in high-end residential areas. The gang, which had no qualms about using violence and threats, carefully analyzed each target, preferably in areas near golf courses to facilitate their escape. Six people have been arrested, among them the ringleader, an Albanian citizen “well trained in boarding and counter-surveillance techniques” who directly participated in each robbery and always carried a firearm on his waist, as reported this Wednesday in a conference Press the National Police. Four of the robberies are being investigated as robberies with violence or intimidation, since they were surprised by the inhabitants.

Operation Western results in six searches and the seizure of numerous effects

Operation Western was carried out on January 18 with six searches in different parts of the province of Malaga: Fuengirola (1), Malaga (2), Mijas (1) and Torremolinos (2). During them, the agents seized 169 pieces of jewelry, brand watches, bags and other objects from highly prestigious brands, in addition to the elements they used in the assaults. Among them, a pistol, a live-fire shotgun and a simulated one, an extendable defense, a brass knuckle, communications equipment, clothing such as boots, balaclavas and gloves, a large machete and tools to act with all possible force ( levers, radial and drills). 8,700 euros in cash have also been seized.

The investigation dismantles “one of the most active networks in memory in the province” in this type of robberies

The investigation, carried out by agents of the Local Judicial Police Brigade of the Marbella Police Station with the collaboration of their counterparts in the Provincial Police Station and different specialized units, has allowed the dismantling of “one of the most active networks that is remembered in the province” in recent times in this type of robberies. Investigators attribute 64 robberies in Marbella to the group (58 in homes and another six in establishments) and another seven criminal acts in Estepona, Málaga and Torremolinos.

Mode of operation

The first investigations began after detecting a large number of robberies in homes in Marbella that had the same pattern. The perpetrators used specific tools to force doors, windows or safes and at a specific time slot. Their favorite areas were homes and establishments near golf courses, especially in the areas of Artola and Río Real.

The police work made it possible to identify some members of the network, which made it possible to know the material means they used, including the vehicles used in their travel, mostly rental ones. In fact, the investigation revealed that they had the collaboration of a Spanish businessman who ran a vehicle buying and selling business in the capital of Malaga. His job was to supply cars whose ownership had not yet been changed or with falsified documentation and without any type of contract, which made investigations difficult.

Their military training allowed them to use personal security measures and counter-surveillance, both when traveling on foot and by vehicle, with U-turn maneuvers or unforeseen stops.

When it came to dividing up the tasks, the leader assumed the planning and study of all the group’s actions, and was also responsible for disposing of the stolen objects. One step below were two other Eastern European citizens, who usually acted as regular drivers of the vehicles and provided cover for the rest of the members. A fourth man was in charge of acquiring the rental vehicles.

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