Inici » Marta Ferrusola and her role in Catalan politics

Marta Ferrusola and her role in Catalan politics

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Marta Ferrusola, wife of Jordi Pujol, has recently died. The figure of Ferrusola has been the subject of debate and controversy in Catalan politics, and her role in pujolismo has left a significant mark on the country’s history.

Cultural Pujolism and the influence of Marta Ferrusola

Marta Ferrusola was a key figure in cultural pujolisme and in the representation of the Catalan middle class. Her identification with this social class and her supposed Catalan disinhibition were elements that marked the country’s political life in the eighties and nineties. Her role was fundamental to understanding Jordi Pujol’s political hegemony for more than two decades.

The legacy of Marta Ferrusola

The death of Marta Ferrusola has generated different reactions in Catalan society. Some remember her as a prominent activist in Catalanism, while others criticize her and associate her with corruption and political scandal. It is important to approach her figure with propriety and avoid both ridicule and excessive idealization.


The legacy of Marta Ferrusola and its relationship with the history of Catalonia must be analyzed without fictions or extremes. It is necessary to understand the disenchantment that her figure has generated, but also recognize her role in the political history of the country. Any attempt to relocate her figure without taking these aspects into account can lead to rejection by Catalan society.

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