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No to racism or hypocrisy

un grup d'homes al voltant d'un camp amb una multitud mirant-los i parlant entre ells, Bernard Accama, thierry doizon, una pintura renaixentista, les nabis

A disproportionate measure

The expulsion for life of the three young people who insulted Vinicius at Mestalla has generated a debate about whether this measure was proportionate. Some believe that a season-long ban would have been enough, while others believe that perpetual expulsion is exemplary. However, it is important to reflect on the possibility of reintegration of these young people into society and into the stadium. Valencia CF should reconsider this decision, especially after Justice denied the hate crime in this case. Trusting in reintegration is typical of an advanced society and only an advanced society can defeat racism.

The problem of racism in society

Racism is a problem that exists both in Spain and in Europe. We can’t hide it. The election results demonstrate the desires of millions of voters. According to Adela Cortina, in Spain we are aporophobic, which means that we point out the poor and immigrants with a different skin color. This problem must be combated forcefully through education. However, punishing three young people in perpetuity does not solve the problem, but rather creates an unjust grievance. It is necessary to recognize that Valencia CF tried to take a firm stance against Florentino’s manipulation, but perhaps went too far in his decision (

The fight against racism

Racism is a deep problem that must be eradicated through education and with stricter laws. It is a social scourge that deserves strong condemnation. Racists have no place in our society, no exceptions. Football, as a reflection of society, is also affected by racism. Therefore, racists need to be kicked out of stadiums, no matter which team they support. However, sanctions must be proportionate to the facts and must not result in unfair treatment.

The fight against hypocrisy

It is important to highlight that the fight against racism should not be taken advantage of through opportunism or hypocrisy. Although they are two different concepts, they both smell equally rotten. We must be aware that the war against racism must be won, but we must also be honest and coherent in our fight (

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