Inici » Pets at Funerals: A New Perspective at the Parish of Sant Francesc de Sabadell

Pets at Funerals: A New Perspective at the Parish of Sant Francesc de Sabadell

dos homes i un gos en una església amb bancs i un gos assegut a terra davant d'ells, Eric de Kolb, neogòtic, una foto d'estoc, romànic

An Innovative Decision

Our beloved vicar, Fr. Carlos Fuentes ofm, has experienced a significant change in his role, moving from being a simple news disseminator to assuming a leading role. Through its communication channels, it has announced that, from now on, the parish of Sant Francesc de Sabadell, run by the Franciscan community under its supervision as guardian (superior), will allow pets to enter the funeral services held there.

An Ancient Tradition

The presence of animals in sacred spaces is nothing new. Both the Old and New Testaments include them, either to symbolize virtues or sins. Doves, sheep, goats, snakes and other animals have been represented in churches as decoration or accompanying the saints. In our own church, we find the presence of turtles, piglets, roosters, dogs and other animals that are part of our religious tradition.

An Expression of Love and Respect

Father Carlos has taken this decision perhaps influenced by the presence of the school’s mascot, Assisi, a wise golden retriever. This initiative, although it may generate debate, is a recognition of the deep relationship that many people have with their pets. Thus, the moment of burial becomes an opportunity to express love and respect for the deceased person, taking into account the importance that the pet has had in their life.

A Final Reflection

Beyond theological considerations, this decision highlights the sensitivity of Father Carlos to a reality that often goes unnoticed. Many people find in their pets a significant emotional support, and the burial becomes a moment of prayer and remembrance for that deceased person, with whom the pet has shared so many moments. Thus, this initiative invites us to reflect on the importance of the love and companionship that pets offer in our lives.

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