Inici » Recovering Serenity: A Reflection on Fury and Calm

Recovering Serenity: A Reflection on Fury and Calm

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Unbridled Fury

At times, my fury has overwhelmed me, it has almost taken my life away. He’s like a wild colt I’ve ridden for much of my existence, clinging to his mane, pressing my thighs into his flanks.

These words come from an older man, almost an elderly man, whom I just met at a social event. I don’t think I have fostered a degree of trust that justifies this emotional release, but I listen to you politely, although maintaining a certain distance.

A Link to Fury Since Childhood

The man continues: “The fury has overwhelmed me on numerous occasions, endangering my existence. Sometimes I think that I was born riding on it. As a baby, instead of crying, I howled. My mother was also filled with fury. When hers and mine collided in the hallway, the house became hell.”

“What now?” I ask him.

“My mother passed away and took some of that anger with her. I managed to tame what was left through meditation and a plant-based diet. I still ride it, but now it moves like a tired mule.”

Anger in the World

The man walks away to greet another attendee, perhaps to share the same story, and I reflect on the amount of anger that is prevalent in the world. I have experienced it myself and still feel it. On many occasions, I go for a walk to calm her down. If I exhaust myself, the anger fades. At the gym, I often observe a guy pedaling furiously on the stationary bike. He does it with incomprehensible anger. He is not interested in doing cardiovascular exercise or strengthening muscles, he only wants to mentally run over those whom he does not dare to harm in reality. The exercise bike is perfect for that. If you close your eyes, you can imagine that you are knocking down pedestrians on a sidewalk. When you open them, you are still in the same place and you have not hurt anyone, but calm has returned to your spirit.

Much of the events reported in the media are the product of individual or collective anger. There are people who cannot fall asleep without first wishing harm to others.

In Search of Calm

I leave the event before it ends and return home to change clothes, since I need to walk at a good pace for an hour or two.

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