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Silenced Rwanda, a story that Manresa supports

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A documentary reveals the hidden side of the Rwandan genocide

A documentary that has not yet seen the light of day has managed to capture the attention of a hundred people who attended, this Thursday night, its screening in the auditorium of La Plana. It is about Victims of impunity. The other Rwandan genocide, a work by journalist Jon Cuesta that shows the silenced reality of the conflict that ravaged the African country in 1994. The director hopes to be able to distribute the documentary on commercial channels next May. What started as a “small report” has become a personal commitment to a cause that “sadly, remains topical”.

The Flors Sirera Memorial remembers the forgotten conflicts

The event has been organized by the Flors Sirera Memorial for forgotten conflicts, which aims to raise awareness and sensitize the public about the situations of violence and injustice that many peoples of the world suffer from. The memorial bears the name of the aid worker from Manresa, Flors Sirera, who was murdered in Rwanda in 1997 and this year marks the 27th anniversary of her death. His family, such as his mother and sister, were present at the event, as well as the lawyer Jordi Palou Loverdos, who represents the complaint against those responsible for his murder. Flors Sirera is one of the many victims of the impunity suffered by the Rwandan people.

A direct witness to unofficial history

Journalist Jon Cuesta was unable to attend the screening due to scheduling reasons, but has sent a video explaining how he learned about the unofficial history of the Rwandan genocide. It was in 2014, when he traveled to the country on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the massacre. “I didn’t need to do a lot of research. I just had to get there and open my eyes. What I saw was the fear of the people, the silence, the government controlling everything I had to see and where I had to go.” Some journalists were satisfied with this, but he was not, and he decided to contact the few remaining opponents in the country “in a somewhat rare way. At night and without being seen” and, later, in Belgium, where he also did not feel safe because “in Europe they have also killed Rwandans. They watched me, they took pictures of me and I have it recorded. I was in a small town talking to someone who was an enemy of the regime” of President Paul Kagame, who still rules the country.

A committed and risky documentary

Cuesta acknowledges that he cannot and does not want to return to Rwanda. “As a precaution, it’s better not to go back there.” On his second trip, he advised the documentary’s scriptwriter, Xurxo Fernández, and the cameraman, to make a copy of the material on a hard drive that an associate of Victoire Ingabire, the main opponent of the Kagame regime, was to bring in the Congo, where they also went later. “This person appeared two days later brutally murdered.” The documentary is a tribute to all the people who lost their lives defending truth and justice in Rwanda.

A link with Manresa and the history of La Flors

Before the screening, there was an intervention by Pere Massegú, Councilor for Cooperation, who remarked on the importance of events like today’s to raise awareness of forgotten conflicts, and Jordi Pons, from Inshuti, who presented the documentary production de Cuesta and has announced that the documentary can be seen, when it is released, on Amazon Prime and Filmin. Cuesta has expressed his desire to return to Manresa when the documentary is officially launched. We say come back because, even though he couldn’t be there tonight, “we recorded some interviews there and I was left with the desire to do something with the story of la Flors”. He remembered, as Regió7 published 25 years after the murder of the woman from Manresa, that he left a gift for his friends under the bed in case he did not return from Rwanda.

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