Inici » The famous artist who took a photo with Queen Letizia during her visit to Lleida

The famous artist who took a photo with Queen Letizia during her visit to Lleida

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Queen Letizia surprises with her closeness and style in the Catalan city

Queen Letizia began her work week in Lleida, where she attended several events related to the Princess of Girona Awards. The wife of Felipe VI attended on behalf of her daughter Leonor de ella, president of the Princess of Girona Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting young talents.

For the occasion, Mrs. Letizia wore a very youthful and flattering look, consisting of a red Carolina Herrera suit and pink accessories, a color combination that is very fashionable and that remains years old. The red suit is one of the queen’s favorites, who has worn it on several occasions with different accessories.

Queen Letizia takes selfies with attendees and poses with a famous singer

But what caught the most attention about Queen Letizia’s visit to Lleida were the moments in which she was very friendly and accessible to the public, especially to young people. Many of them asked to take a photo of themselves with her, and the queen happily agreed, smiling and taking some of her cell phones herself to take her selfie. Thus she demonstrated her skill with the cameras and her closeness with the new generations.

And among the photos that Queen Letizia took, there was a very special one, with a well-known artist who performed at the Teatro de la Llotja to inaugurate the Talent Tour. This is Alfred García, the former Operación Triunfo contestant who, together with Amaia, represented Spain at Eurovision 2018. The singer posed next to the queen with a big smile, and the image has gone viral on social networks, joining the There are many of the queen with other celebrities.

The relationship between Amaia Romero and Queen Letizia

This meeting between Queen Letizia and Alfred García occurs shortly after Amaia Romero, the singer’s former partner, spoke about the queen in an interview. The winner of Operación Triunfo 2017 commented on the relationship she has with her, after last summer they took a photo together at the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2022, a film festival that the queen usually attends every year.

With her usual sincerity and naturalness, this is what Amaia Romero said about Queen Letizia:

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